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Background Check (PREMIUM)

Background Check (PREMIUM)

Keep your organization safe with annual CoreScreening background checks for your employees and volunteers. The Premium Background Check gives you access to:

  • National Criminal Alias Database Search with National Sexual Offender Index & OFAC
  • Current County of Residence County confirmation of felonies reported on the National Criminal Database (county access fee may apply)

National Criminal Alias Database Search with National Sexual Offender Index & OFAC: This background check locates potential criminal records with its nationwide scope. This search is an excellent pointer tool to find potential criminal records across the nation. A National Criminal Database Search draws from over 525 million records from thousands of jurisdictions. Coverage varies by state and records reported should be confirmed with an up-to-date county criminal record search. Since not all counties/states report into the database, we highly recommend this search be accompanied by a county or statewide search based on the subject’s residency history. 

County Criminal Record Search: CoreScreening’s nationwide network of thousands of court researchers work diligently to obtain the most up-to-date available criminal records from the county courts. Since some counties offer automated results and others require a researcher to walk-in to the courthouse, turnaround time for results varies by county. (Current name only. Access fee may apply) 

  • CoreScreening is the Mercedes of background screening companies. Great service for the same price we were paying.
    Rich M.
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$30 for each Background Check


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