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When your organization serves children, you care about protecting them from harm.

But, how do you know you’re doing everything in your power to protect the children in your care? How can you be sure your organization is not at risk?

Meet Compass.

(updated September 16, 2022)

Background Checks

Keep everyone safe with regular background screening.

Abuse Prevention Training

With general and faith-based options, Compass has 100% online training for every organization.

Partner with Parents

Empower parents to be a part of your child protection team.

Educate Kids

Explore age-appropriate safety programming for children and teen volunteers.

Training for Faith-based Organizations

Does your organization need abuse prevention training aligned with religious values? Explore dozens of faith-based abuse prevention training courses for Catholic, Christian, and Jewish organizations.


Maintain safe environments in your Catholic organization.


Protect children in your school, youth group, and Christian community.


Keep kids safe in your synagogue, community center, and Jewish community.

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