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Children's Learning Program

Children's Learning Program

All too often, organizations forget to train the most vulnerable: children themselves.

Through a series of activities and recounting of real-life examples, facilitators help children across age groups to identify and tackle potentially harmful behavior, maintain personal boundaries, and create strong support systems.

✔️ Organization facilitators run in-person age-appropriate structured safety classes for children

✔️ The online curriculum includes ready-to-use facilitator notes, presentations, feedback forms, and activity sheets for easy implementation

✔️ Continue the conversation at home with discussion starters for parents


  • I thought it was accessible and gave me new knowledge to share.
    Kaycie K.
  • Easy to follow.
    Griselda E.
  • This program was very educational and helpful.
    Theresa A.
  • I appreciate the explicit and detailed information and the opportunity to learn more.
    Larry S.
  • Thank you for the valuable information.
    Leticia R.
  • Looks great!
    Alma C.
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$99 for first Facilitator
1 Year Access


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